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Amara L. Russell, Author of the Novel and Trilogy, A Rare Diamond and devotional, Nspired. A prolific writer, who loves to inspire and shed light through story-telling and writing. She gives hope and encourages one to dream and see beyond the present. Life's challenges have made her the writer she is today. The one thing I know to be true, is that you will always find her giving life through her smile or encouraging one with soft-spoken words from her heart. When she isn’t working, writing or spending time with loved ones, Russell works on her current goals, which are completing a BFA degree in Creative writing at Full Sail University, working on new e-book for relationships and a children's book. She is also preparing to launch new business Nspired2Write.



In the words of Amara- pray about it and ask God!


“Be the Light”

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Amazing read! This book should be read by every woman. For any woman who has been through ANYTHING, this book will open your eyes and heart to God. Amara reminds you that you are not alone. God, Family and Faith will get you through it. Amara leaves you wanting more...what's next in all of the characters lives!


Thank you Amara!


~The New York Times


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